Dan Atkinson, Flagstaff Home BUilder (FHB, Inc.)


Lindal Cedar Homes

At FHB, Inc., Dan Atkinson provides full-service custom home construction.  We work with many home designers and architects to meet our clients' needs, conduct site surveying services, provide cost estimates, new permits and perform complete home construction services with our own building crews.  We can also provide septic and water systems.  

Every custom home we build begins with a unique set of plans and specifications based upon the wants and needs of our clients.  In addition, our plans are designed to take maximum advantage of the conditions of the specific lot, taking into consideration scenic views, driveway layout, sun exposure, trees, and natural conditions.

Dan Atkinson is an experienced log home builder.  The logs for our homes are obtained through a quality dealer who also provides log home plans and engineering services.

Our log homes are tightly constructed, and therefore easy to heat  in our Northern Arizona climate.  Logs are available in different wood types, diameters, and profiles.  We also offer many custom options, such as log railings, log ceiling beams, wood ceilings, log stairs, and sheetrock interiors. 

We take care not to damage your lot beyond what is necessary to build your home.  Our goal is quality, and we have been building quality since 1988!


Dan Atkinson is an experienced Lindal Cedar Home builder.  Lindal Cedar Homes are some of the best custom homes in the industry, with features and amenities exclusive to Lindal.  The building materials for these magnificent homes are shipped from British Columbia and Washington state.  All the materials are of the highest grade, with the siding, trim ceiling wood, and windows all custom-milled from red cedar. 

​The complex Lindal designs are hand-assembled by our experienced crews.  Quality of workmanship is our focus, rather than the speed with which they are built.  Your Lindal home will be unique and beautiful, built with the highest quality materials available.

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